Lomo'Instant Wide

Where to begin. In the past couple years there seems to be an abundance of Instax cameras coming to the photography world. I personally owned the Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo 90. Perfect little camera to take everywhere with you. I am currently using that camera for a 366 day project. I digress, I haven’t felt the need to own any other Instax cameras since I already owned one. Then of course, Lomography had to release an amazing camera so I can spend even more of the money I don’t have.

There aren’t nearly as many Instax Wide cameras out as there are of the Instax Mini. Lomography wanted to release camera not only that was made for the wide film but also that raised the bar for all Instax cameras. The Lomo’Instant Wide has already been noted as the “best instant camera you can buy today” according to PCMag. So let’s first talk about some of the cool features of this camera.

The Lomo’Instant wide uses Instax wide film as well already know. It has exposure compensation control, built in flash (which you can control), multiple exposure capabilities, manual focus lens, sync socket for your external flash (FREAKING AWESOME) as well as multiple lenses that come with such as the wide angle and macro conversion add ons. It also has a selfie mirror. Who wouldn’t want a selfie mirror? Now, one of the coolest features I would say is the ability to fire the shutter from an infrared remote. Oh yeah, that infrared remote is lens cap. Yes, THE LENS CAP. Lomography really went above and beyond with this camera and I’m extremely happy I picked it up.

                The only negative to this camera is that it is absurdly large. But it does have a nice feel to it so I try to look over the size factor. The Instax film can also be expensive so make sure to look on sites such as eBay and Amazon to snag some deals of film bulks. Aside from that, I would recommend this camera to anyone. It is a perfect camera for daily use, parties, days out with your friends and great to carry around during your shoots for some extra Instax film goodness. You can find this camera in multiple colors as well as multiple bundles. I attached a link below to Lomography’s site as well as I added some sample shots below. Thanks for reading!